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Przemysław Rokita, PhD, DSc, Professor
Tenured Professor
The Institute of Computer Science
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Phone: +48 22 234-7753
Room no: 322
Consultations: Tuesday 15.00-16.00
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MSc (1985), PhD (1993), DSc (2000); Professor; Computer Science, Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Computer Graphics Division; Member of SPIE, ACM, IEEE; Minister of Education Award (1995); Rector’s Award in Science (2001); Laureate of the Golden Chalk Distinction for excellence in teaching – WUT (2005), (2006). Head of Computer Graphics Division (2013-); Member of the Faculty Council (2000-); Member of the Faculty Council Committee for Scientific Research (2008-); Research interests: computer science & information technology, digital image processing, computer graphics, image perception; Previously affiliated as visiting scientist and professor at: Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik - Computer Graphics Department (Germany), The University of Aizu (Japan), Hiroshima Institute of Technology (Japan), Hiroshima Prefectural University (Japan), Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (United Kingdom); Member of Program Committees and reviewer for many international conferences and journals, including: IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, The Visual Computer, Real-Time Imaging, Opto-Electronics Review, Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, ACM Siggraph, Eurographics, High Performance Graphics; Expert and consultant at National Centre for Research and Development, National Science Centre, Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Main science area, domain, discipline: information science / (technology domain) / (technological sciences)

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