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Supervised BSc and MSc theses
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Ilona Bluemke, PhD, DSc
Assistant Professor
The Institute of Computer Science
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Phone: +48 22 234 1392
Room no: 315
Consultations: Wednesday 10.00-12.00
Communication languages: Polish
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MSc (1978), PhD (1989), DSc (2015) Assistant Professor; Computer Science; Division of Computer Architectures and Software Engineering; Member of the Polish Computer Society (1980-); Member of program committees of international conferences (IASTED, DEPCOS,  Software Engineering Conference); Rector’s Award in Education (2005); Rector’s Award in Science (2008), (2016); Head of the Division for Computer Architectures and Software Engineering (2017-); Gold Medal for long duty service (2017).
Main science area, domain, discipline: information science / (technology domain) / (technological sciences)

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