Project number (POL-on)245084 POLON
Internal registration numberPBS3/A2/20/2015
Project StatusCompleted
Project current statusfinished/implemented
Project typeProgram Badań Stosowanych (PBS)
(Projects financed by NCRD [Projekty finansowane przez NCBiR (NCBR)])
Project type / Program / Subprogram/ edition/contest (POL-on)Program Badań stosowanych (06.03)
Subprogram/ edition/contest (other than official)III konkurs w ramach Programu Badań Stosowanych
Applying unit from WUTWarsaw University of Technology (WUT)
Leading unit from WUTFaculty of Civil Engineering (FCE)
Implementing unit from WUTFaculty of Civil Engineering (FCE)
The Institute of Civil Engineering (FCE / ICE) (Faculty of Civil Engineering (FCE))
Title in PolishInnowacyjne hybrydowe zbrojenie kompozytowe FRP do konstrukcji infrastrukturalnych o podwyższonej trwałości
Title in EnglishInnovative hybrid FRP rebar for construction infrastructure with enhanced durability
Agreement numberPBS3/A2/20/2015
Decision numberDZP/PBS3/2381/2014
Beginning date01-10-2015
End date30-09-2018
Project duration (in months)36
Project subject classDeveloping research
Cooperation leveldomestic
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