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Wear resistance of the multicomponent diffusive layers produced on AZ91D magnesium alloy by hybrid method

Konrad Cymerman


Magnesium alloys are prospective materials for many industrial applications. Due to the low density, high specific strength and stiffness and other unique features magnesium alloys can be an attractive replacement for steel or aluminum alloys. Nevertheless, the industrial use of magnesium alloys is limited by their weak wear and corrosion resistance. In recent years, the new surface engineering methods are developed to enhance these properties. It seems that producing a diffusive multicomponent titanium based layers on AZ91D alloy by hybrid method is a way to achieve this. The hybrid method combine the glow discharge nitriding of the magnesium alloy precoating with titanium or titanium with aluminum sublayer using the magnetron sputtering technique. The main purpose of the work was to produce multicomponent titanium nitride layers on AZ91D magnesium alloy by hybrid method which will increase its wear resistance. The characteristic of the obtained layers consisted of structural and mechanical properties tests, and compare to the wear resistance of the titanium nitride layers produced by Arc-PVD method. Moreover, the influence of the aluminum sublayer on wear resistance was investigated. It was found that multicomponent titanium based coatings produced on AZ91D magnesium alloy by hybrid method strongly improve wear resistance. Significant for the surface engineering of magnesium alloys is to achieve the improvement of wear and corrosion resistance at the same time. According to that the results from wear resistance tests were compared with the one from corrosion tests. The best wear and corrosion resistance were obtained for titanium nitride layers with thick aluminum sublayer produced on AZ91D magnesium alloy by hybrid method.
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Master of Science
Konrad Cymerman (FMSE/DCFM) Konrad Cymerman,, Division of Construction and Functional Materials (FMSE/DCFM)Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (FMSE)
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Odporność na zużycie przez tarcie wieloskładnikowych warstw dyfuzyjnych na stopie magnezu AZ91D wytwarzanych metodą hybrydową
Michał Tacikowski (FMSE/DSE) Michał Tacikowski,, Division of Surface Engineering (FMSE/DSE)Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (FMSE)
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Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (FMSE)
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Division of Surface Engineering (FMSE/DSE)
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, Inżynieria Powierzchni
(pl) Polish
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Tadeusz Wierzchoń (FMSE/DSE) Tadeusz Wierzchoń,, Division of Surface Engineering (FMSE/DSE)Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (FMSE) Katarzyna Konopka (FMSE/DSMP) Katarzyna Konopka,, Division of Ceramic Materials and Polymers (FMSE/DSMP)Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (FMSE)
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