The evolution of architecture; sustainnability and environment in the context of uraban and suburban Poland

Jolanta Szczepanik


The subject of diploma dissertation is the application of innovative solutions in the process of architecture design Architecture Lab. It includes a set of tools and methods in the theory of sustainable design, which create new values and reflect economic and social needs of the modern society. The dissertation begins with the theory of parametric designing and its role at architecture work. At the same time a comparative analysis is made with the traditionaldesign method, in order to provide the possibilities and limitation of each. The work is illustrated with design of Single House carried out in accordance with sustainable development. Parametric modelling is also used as a case study to examine the impact of modern techniques for Computer Aided Design in the process of vcreating an architectural project. Build up area of the proposed single family house is approximately 100 square meters, two storey, without the basement. The functional arrangement of the house is seen in the context of geographical position, the analysis of sunlight and heat loss. The proposed design method bases its conclusions on the analysis of functional zones using parametric environment. the primary aim was to obtain the optimum geometry of thebuilding and configuration of windows leading to the reduction of energy consumption. Sunlight is also analysed as a source of energy achieved by passive method and comfort of life: * Solar - sun path, solar access, solar radiation * Thermal - heating/cooling loads, occupancy loads, wall constructions * Lighting - shadows studies The project is located in two different locations. The landscape features and neighbourhood serves as the basic parameters to create forms, architecture and possibility of using solar energy in a typical urban and suburban environment. Additionally a full simulation of the energy was obtained by analysing the properties of materials used in construction. As a result, steel was selected as a material with very good insulation properties, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
Diploma typeMaster of Science
Author Jolanta Szczepanik WA
Jolanta Szczepanik,,
- Faculty of Architecture
Title in PolishThe evolution [...]
Supervisor Sławomir Kowal KPA
Sławomir Kowal,,
- Chair of Architectural Design
Certifying unitFaculty of Architecture (FA)
Affiliation unitChair of Architectural Design (CAD)
Languageen angielski
Issue date (year)2013
Pages56, 6
Internal identifierAR-005276/S
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Keywords in Englishsustainability, parametric, performativity, architecture, algorithms, design, process, technology
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