Swarm intelligence algorithm in generation of architectural designs. Temporary multifunctional market hall

Piotr Baszyński


The phenomenon of self organisation known as the swarm intelligence is present in the animated nature and creates highly optimised systems. It is in the centre of interest of researches from different fields. How their findings could enrich architectural design? Through the analysis of works of researches from different background and the previous experiments of the designers the connection between the two is made. Work concludes with the examples in what kinds of architectural design swarm intelligence could be applied. Market Hall explores the idea further by the simulations done in Processing, the open source programming language, with simmultaneous modelling in Grasshopper.
Diploma typeMaster of Science
Author Piotr Baszyński WA
Piotr Baszyński,,
- Faculty of Architecture
Title in PolishSwarm intelligence
Supervisor Jerzy Wojtowicz KPA
Jerzy Wojtowicz,,
- Chair of Architectural Design
Certifying unitFaculty of Architecture (FA)
Affiliation unitFaculty of Architecture (FA)
Languageen angielski
Issue date (year)2013
Pages75, 8
Internal identifierAR-005243/S
Keywords in Englishemergence, swarm intelligence, agents, computional design, generative architecture, pedestrian behaviour simulation

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