Spatial ozone distribution in the troposphere based on the ozonesonde measurements results

Anna Piątkowska


The following work is devoted to the subject of sources and sinks of he ozone in the troposphere. Ozone concentrations researches are important because this gas plays a significant role in the chemical composition and climate of the troposphere and has a great impact on vegetation and human health. All data were obtained from The World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre web site: www. The analyses of ozonesonde data were made for five European stations: Norwegian - Ny - Aalesund (STN 089), Swiss - Payerne (STN 156), German -(STN 174), Polish - Legionowo (STN 221) and Dutch - Debilt (STN 316). Some stations are located at the similar latitudes [three of them: Lindenberg (52,2l N), Legionowo (52,40N), Debilt (52,10 N)] and the others at the different [Ny - Aalesund (78,93 N), Payerne(46,49 N)]. For each station monthly mean values were calculated at standard pressure levels (1000,900, 800, 700, 500, 300, 200 and 150 hPa). The period of observations included three years: 2003 - 2005. As a result of analyses there is a vertical profile of ozone for each station. All analyses results are enclosed in the following work in charts form. Main conclusions are presented below. The concentration of ozone in the troposphere increases with the height. There are two main sources of ozone in the troposphere: stratosphere - troposphere exchange and in - situ photochemical production. First one is responsible for spring maximum especially in the higher troposphere but occasionally it is also observed at the surface. The summer maximum in the lower troposphere is the result of the second source. It might be comected with human activity because it is observed in all stations except Ny - Aalesud where the atmosphere is not polluted. Moreover only on this station there is no increase in tropospheric ozone amount in comparison to the previous years. In other ones there is significant increase especially in the lower and middle troposphere. All analyses presented in this paper could be useful in the future researches. They may be compared with other of that type to see the differences. They might be also used in the trends investigations.
Diploma typeEngineer's / Bachelor of Science
Diploma typeBachelor thesis
Author Anna Piątkowska (FEE)
Anna Piątkowska,,
- Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering
Title in PolishPrzestrzenny rozkład stężenia ozonu w troposferze na podstawie wyników pomiarów radiosondażowych
Supervisor Małgorzata Zdunek (FEE / CEP)
Małgorzata Zdunek,,
- Chair of Environmental Protection

Certifying unitFaculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering (FEE)
Affiliation unitChair of Environmental Protection (FEE / CEP)
Study subject / specialization, Ochrona Środowiska
Languagepl polski
Defense Date15-09-2006
Issue date (year)2006
Reviewers Małgorzata Zdunek (FEE / CEP)
Małgorzata Zdunek,,
- Chair of Environmental Protection
, Joanna Strużewska (FEE / CEP)
Joanna Strużewska,,
- Chair of Environmental Protection
Keywords in Polishozon w troposferze,troposfera,stężenie ozonu
Keywords in Englishtroposphere ozone, troposphere, ozone concentration
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