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    piątek, godz. 15:16.30

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A graduate of the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Political Economy (1964), PhD in economics at the University of Warsaw (1972), professor's academic title (2005). Researcher at the University of Lodz, and since 2016 at Warsaw University of Technology (Collegium of Economic and Social Sciences, (KNEiS). Research interests: remuneration and motivating employees, redistribution of income, minimum wages, tax systems in theory and practice. Author of over 100 scientific publications, including the following monographs: Wykształcenie a zróżnicowanie płac, [Education and wage differentiation], PWE, Warsaw 1974, p.204, Motywacja działalności innowacyjnej w przedsiębiorstwach przemysłowych, [Motivation of innovative activity in industrial enterprises], Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź 1989, p. 358, Podatki: Unia Europejska, Polska, kraje nadbałtyckie, [Taxes: European Union, Poland, and Baltic countries], PWE, Warsaw 2004, p. 284, Podatki w Unii Europejskiej, [Taxes in the European Union], PWE, Warsaw 2010, p. 312, Podatki w Unii Europejskiej. Długookresowe tendencje i reakcja na kryzys, [Taxes in the European Union. Long-term trends and reaction to the crisis], PWE, Warsaw 2012, p. 328. Co-author of two textbooks published by PWN and repeatedly reprinted: Elementarne zagadnienia ekonomii, [Elementary Economics] and Podstawy ekonomii, [Fundamentals of Economics], edited by R. Milewski and E. Kwiatkowski. From the beginning of the systemic transformation, she participated in empirical research on the privatization and restructuring of Polish enterprises and co-authored many reports prepared for the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Polish government (for the Ministry of Ownership Transformations, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation with Foreign Countries). She received prizes of the Minister of Labor, Wages and Social Affairs (1973), Minister of Science and Higher Education (1975, 2005, 2008) for her scientific and research activities, and prizes in the Professor Oskar Lange competition organized by the Polish Economic Society PTE (1979, 1984) and awards of the Rector of the University of Lodz.

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