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Piotr Jakub Kilanowski, architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology (2010), Doctor of Architecture at the same University (2018). Since 2010, cooperator in the “Proart” Architecture and Conservation Workshop Anna Rostkowska, co-author of reconstruction, extension and construction projects of historical buildings and interiors in Warsaw and in neighbouring areas (among others architectural projects of new façades for tenement buildings at 50 Hoża Street and 17 Targowa Street). The winner of the 3rd prize for an architecture projects in the competition „Współczesna Kamienica Łódzka – edycja druga” [Contemporary Tenement House in Łódź – second edition] (2017), honourable mentions in competitions for a project of the building at the crossroad between Ząbkowska and Targowa Streets in Warsaw (2006), a project of painting of P160DC type electric locomotives for Koleje Mazowieckie (2010) and for architectural drawing of Stara Praga (2005). Since 2017, assistant in the Institute of Polish Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology. Author of articles among others in “Ochrona Zabytków”, “Spotkania z Zabytkami” and “Świat Kolei”.

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