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Bartłomiej Skowron, Dr.
Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy and Ethics in Administration
Faculty of Administration and Social Science
Room no: 230, Pl. Politechniki 1
Consultations: ans.pw.edu.pl/Studenci/Konsultacje
Communication languages: Polish, English

I am a platonic philosopher. In philosophy I use mathematical structures, with which I model philosophical issues. I believe that topological structures can be used successfully in philosophy, especially in ontology. The philosophy using topological structures is called topological philosophy. I am also interested in the philosophy of category theory, ethics, logic, argumentation theory, philosophical anthropology and politics and administration of science. 

From 01.10.2015 I am an assistant professor at the Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences at the Warsaw University of Technology. From 28.03.2017 I am Vice-Dean for Research. I am also a member and secretary of the Board of the International Center for Formal Ontology

I gave 30 invited lectures. I actively participated in over 50 conferences, including 15 international conferences. I had 8 study abroad trips: Cleveland (CWRU, USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Trento (Italy), London (UK), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Prague (Czech Republic), Augsburg (Germany), Aarhus (Denmark). I co-organised 20 conferences.

Below one can find a film "Sculpture wisdom. Searching for forms and the meaning of philosophy in the educational space of Wrocław". The film was made as part of a project of the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists. The aim is to support all activities leading to a wise introduction of philosophy to schools. 

Main science area, domain, discipline: philosophy / (humanities) / (humanities)

Science discipline: 1.2 philosophy : 100.0 %
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