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Tomasz Tyc, Dr
Department of Public Economic Law and Economic Policy
Faculty of Administration and Social Science
Phone: 22 234 64 22
Room no: 229 Gmach Główny Plac Politechniki 1
Consultations: ans.pw.edu.pl/Studenci/Konsultacje
Communication languages: Polish, English, French

Graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics in the faculties: (1) Finance and Banking and (2) International (Economic) Relations. He also attenede complementary master's degree studies at the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology. Finished the postgraduate studies for public servants at the National School of Public Administration in Warsaw.

In March 2019 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of by the Faculty of Engineering Management of the Poznań University of Technology.


He has diverse professional experience gained both in the public (government) and private sector. He worked in corporate and investment banking (PKO Bank Polski and Société Générale), financial services industry (Szkoła Inwestowania) and petrochemical sector (Shell). He gained experience in the government sector in the ministries responsible for sustainable use of natural resources (Ministry of the Environment) and economic policy (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Ministry of Investment and Development).


Knowledge of congress languages: English (CAE, CPE), French (DELF, DALF).


In his scientific work he focuses his interests in three main areas:

1. transport policy, with a particular focus on inland waterway transport and financing of transport infrastructure;

2. the management of logistic and transport providers, in particular with regard to innovation and long-term financing of activities

3. personal finance and capital investments.


Author or co-author of more than 30 scientific articles on transport policy, management of logistic and transport providers, implementation of innovations and investment financing (including through the use of EU funds).


He has appeared at a number of scientific conferences and meetings organized by industry associations.


He carried out a number of research projects concerning:

1. inland waterways transport in Poland and the EU (3 research grants in the years 2015 - 2017);

2. personal finance (1 research grant in 2018).


In his didactic work he conducts classes on economics (including micro and macroeconomics, market economy), fundamentals of organization and management (including company management), entrepreneurship (including starting a business), personal finances. He teaches in Polish, English and French.

Main science area, domain, discipline: economy / (economics) / (social studies)

Science discipline: 5.1 economics and finance : 100.0 %
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