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Jakub Wierciak, PhD
Assistant Professor
The Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics
Faculty of Mechatronics
Phone: +48 22234-8324
Room no: 612

Born in 1957. Graduated in 1981 at the Faculty of Precision Mechanics of Warsaw University of Technology. After military service, in 1982 employed at the Institute of Design of Precision and Optical Instruments (presently Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics) as a research and teaching assistant lecturer. In 1995 completed his doctoral thesis Effect of test method on determined performance characteristics of the DC micromotor and then, in 1996 took up a post as an assistant professor at the Division of Design of Precision Devices. His professional interests are focused on research and modelling of actuators of mechatronic devices. Two related grants were completed under his guidance. The first, of research kind, was aimed at development of thermal models of electric micromotors. The second realised in cooperation with “Mikroma” company covered design and industrial implementation of linear actuators with hybrid stepping motors. Dr J. Wierciak is an author and co-author of over 100 papers published in the conference proceedings and scientific journals, as well as 6 patents. Teaching courses provided by dr. Wierciak are connected to: electromechanical drive systems, design and modelling of mechatronic systems and quality management. Majority of the courses are the original contribution of the author. He has supervised 14 BSc and 23 MSc theses. As a member of the Faculty Commission for Educational Affairs took a part in preparation of new, three level teaching curricula. Dr. Wierciak received 5 Rector Awards for scientific and didactic achievements, as well as the Silver Order of Merit.

Main science area, domain, discipline: mechanical engineering / (technology domain) / (technological sciences)

Science discipline: 2.2 automation, electronic and electrical engineering : 100.0 %
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