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    229 A
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    Pierwsza połowa semestru (do 14 kwietnia): środa godz. 12:00-13:30 Druga połowa semestru (od 21 kwietnia): środa godz. 8:30-10:00 Konsultacje przez wideo lub telefon w Teams, kod do zespołu „Agnieszka Tomczak Konsultacje” udostępniony w przedmiotowych Teams’ach.
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By profession I am an economist, I work as a scientist and educator. I was born in Warsaw and I have been living here my entire life. I graduated from SGPiS (now SGH - Warsaw School of Economic) on the faculty of Socio-Economics. I received my Master diploma in 1984. From 1984 to 1996 I worked as a teacher of economic subjects.

In 1996 I was employed at the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) as a senior lecturer. I lectured on economics, management, marketing and capital markets at the faculties of the Warsaw University of Technology and the College of Social Science and Administration, which in 2008 was transformed into Faculty of Administration and Social Science (WAINS). In 2003 I received a PhD in economics at Collegium of Socio-Economics SGH. My PhD thesis was: “Impact of budget deficit and public debt on the effectiveness of anti-inflationary monetary policy in the nineties in Poland”. This year I was employed at WUT on the position of adjunct.

I was a member of the Publishing House (CSSA). Since 2008, I have been a member of the Faculty Council of WAiNS. I served as Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs on WAINS in 2012-2016. I'm doing classes in the specialization "Finance and Banking". I am a promoter of over 150 diploma theses. I teach subjects: behavioral economics, corporate finance, securities, central banking, accounting and economics. I am a co-author of the economics textbook published by PWN, edited by Stefan Marciniak "Macro- and Microeconomics" and two books to teach marketing (together with Elżbieta Jendrzejczak). I participated twice (2006 and 2007) in a Polish-German student seminar, organized by WUT in cooperation with the Technische Hochschule (now Technische Universität) in Darmstadt, in German, as a tutor for students. In my research I deal with macroeconomics and finance, including monetary and fiscal policy as well as policy mix. I am fascinated by the behavioral factor in economics. I also conducted research on capital markets and the management of cultural heritage. My work has been published in many scientific journals and monographs in total of over 30 publications. I have delivered lectures at several scientific conferences. In the years 2014-2017 I ran a cycle of three research projects for Institute of Economics titled: “Economic security of modern world countries” under which 3 conferences took place and a dozen or so articles were created. I published the monograph "Monetary policy in the conditions of development of financial markets" and I have edited the monograph written by WAiNS employees in connection with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the renewal of the tradition of the Warsaw University of Technology. I was awarded the Medal of the National Education Commission and the Gold Medal for the Long Service. I received four awards from the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for didactic achievements and one for academic achievements.

My interests outside the profession are visual arts, anthropology, psychology and contemporary literature. I have two children. In my spare time I travel. When it comes to sport, I practice swimming.

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