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Krzysztof Kałużyński, Prof. PhD Eng.
The Institute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Mechatronics
Phone: +48 22234-8538
Room no: 139

h-index (Scopus Citations)*: 9
h-index (WoS Citations)*: 8

Prof. K. Kaluzynski, PhD, DSc has been with the Faculty of Mechatronics (formerly Faculty of Precision Mechanics), Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), since 1977. He is a specialist in biocybernetics and bioengineering. His scientific interests are mainly in technical aspects of medical applications of ultrasound, processing of biosignals and biomedical image data, in particular elastography and strain imaging in ventricular models, processing of ultrasonic Doppler signals for fetal monitoring, in vascular and neurological applications. Prof. K.Kaluzynski held postdoc and visiting scientist positions in INSERM U316 laboratory (Tours), FHM Muenchen (Munich) and Biomedical Ultrasound Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is/was involved into scientific collaboration with University of Florence, University of Bologna and University of Leuven. Prof. K.Kaluzynski obtained his MSEE from the Faculty of Electronics, WUT, his PhD from the Faculty of Precision Mechanics, WUT, 1988 (dissertation title “Spectral analysis of Doppler signals of blood flow velocity in central arteries”), his habilitation from the Institute for Biocybernetics and Bioengineering, Polish Academy of Science, 1999 (diss. title “Analysis and Modelling of Ultrasonic Doppler Signals in Medical Applications”). K. Kaluzynski obtained the professor’s title on 19.02.2014, in the area of technical sciences. Prof. K. Kaluzynski gives lectures on biomedical signal and image data processing, ultrasound methods and instrumentation in medical applications, electronic medical instrumentation and supervises diploma seminars.
Main science area, domain, discipline: biocybernetics and biomedical engineering / (technology domain) / (technological sciences)

Science discipline: 2.4 biomedical engineering : 100.0 %
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