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Andrew Ordys joined Warsaw University of Technology in 2019, as Professor in the Faculty of Mechatronics, on a post funded by the project “Polish Returns” of the National Agency for Academic Exchange. Immediately before coming to Poland he held the position of Director of Applied Research, at Military Technological College (MTC) in Sultanate of Oman. Earlier, he worked in Kingston University London, since June 2006, as Professor of Automotive Engineering and Head of School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. Before coming to Kingston, Dr Ordys was with the Industrial Control Research Centre in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, on the Senior Lecturer post funded by the British Energy.

Andrzej Ordys’s research interests are in:

•         Model Based Predictive Control, Stochastic Optimal Control and other Advanced Control Methods,

•         Performance Assessment and Benchmarking of Control Systems,

•         Modelling and Simulation of Industrial Plants,

•         Algorithmic Implementation of Advanced Process Control,

•         Engineering Materials

•         Discrete Event/Manufacturing Systems,

•         Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,

•         Engineering and Control Education.

Application domains include: Process Engineering (chemical and petro-chemical), Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Defence Systems, Power Generation and Distribution.

He has developed the state-space version of the well-known Generalised Predictive Controller. He has analysed stochastic properties of predictive optimal control algorithms. He has also developed new algorithms for multivariable predictive control. He has analysed the optimality of supervisory predictive control laws. He has been involved in research on non-linear predictive control using state-dependent state space models. He has contributed to the development of theory and practical methods of benchmarking and optimising performance of industrial controllers.

Concerning books and chapters in books, Prof. Ordys is a first author of a well-recognised book on Modelling and Simulation of Power Generation Systems (Springer-Verlag) and has contributed to another book in this area, containing non-linear fuzzy models (Springer-Verlag). He is editor and author of several chapters of a book devoted to benchmarking of control systems (Springer-Verlag). He contributed a chapter to a book on PID control (Springer-Verlag). He is co-author of two chapters in the Control Handbook (CRC Press) and two chapters in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS Publishers, Oxford). He is also a co-author of a chapter in a book on Higher Engineering Education (IGI Global).

Additionally, he is author or co-author of over 100 referred articles in journal and conference proceedings.

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