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Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska,
Department of Administrative Law and Public Policy
Faculty of Administration and Social Science
Phone: 22/ 234 15 53
Room no: 232 B
Consultations: https://www.ans.pw.edu.pl/Studenci/Konsultacje
Communication languages: English, Polish

Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, LLD graduated in 2006 from University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin, Faculty of Law and Administration with a very good result. Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska defended her doctoral dissertation entitled Resolution taken by specialized agencies of United Nations with a very good result, on the 13th day of June 2011 at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Warsaw University in the Department of International Public Law. Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska in 2007 took the second place in the national competition organized by Lawyers’ Chambers Wardyński and Partners in Warsaw for a paper in English, entitled: Did Poland’s Access to European Union Strengthen the Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights ? The prize for taking the second place was three month paid training in the chambers “Wardyński and Partners” in Warsaw and one month paid training abroad, which she had in a Brussels branch of “Wardyński and Partners”, as well as in Central European Law Offices, run together with the Chambers “Kocian Solc Balastik” from Czech Republic and the Chambers Cechova & Partners from Slovakia. After completion of her work Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska obtained an additional financial prize from the Chambers “Wardyński and Partners”, which was confirmed by a diploma for her substantial contribution in the team work during her training periods. Due to her legal qualifications, Dr. Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska worked in. a. for Polish Economic Chamber of Advanced Technologies in Warsaw in the years 2010-2011, where she dealt with the substantial survey of documentation submitted to Polish Enterprising Development Agency, concerning the projects accomplished by the Economic Chamber: 1.44.1. “Support for Targeted Projects and Support for Study Results Implementation B+R” POIG, “Benchmarking of Technological Parks”, “Foresight of Modern Economy Human Resources”, “Academic Enterprising (development of spin-off, spin-out firms)”. Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, PhD, is the author of many scientific articles in the field of public international law, especially international maritime law. Her research publications are well located within critically included, wide, mainly foreign literature on the law of European Union and on international public law. Particularly interesting subjects of her research record seem to include those related to safety of the European Union in regards to international terrorism. The papers Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, PhD published in recognized journals of national dotted by Ministry of Science and Higher Education and abroad. At this moment Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, PhD is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Law and Administration in Warsaw University of Technology. In Warsaw University of Technology Dr. Rzeszutko-Piotrowska teaches for students of administration and law in. a. Public International Law for Polish and Foreign students of law and administration, Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law, as well as legal subjects in English: Business Law, European Union Law, Intellectual Property Law. Dr M. Rzeszutko-Piotrowska is also a guardian of the European Administration Student Interest Group at the Department of Administration and Social Sciences Warsaw University of Technology. Dr M. Rzeszutko-Piotrowska has participated in many domestic and international conferences. For instance she was in Cambridge at Public Law Conference 2014 (15 September – 17 and 17-25 September 2014 – query library). The theme for the inaugural Public Law Conference is Process and Substance in Public Law. The conference will bring together academics, judges and practitioners from a range of Public Law fields and a variety of common law jurisdictions. From 2014 Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, PhD is a member of the Polish Association of European Law, a member of the Polish Association of Maritime Law, European Association for security, Young International Maritime Committee, Maritime Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Department of Gdańsk (the decision on membership in October 2014, presentation of her research results relating to piracy at sea on October 2014 before the members of the Commission) and the guardian of the European Group of Students at the Faculty of Law and Administration in Warsaw University of Technology. SCIENTIFIC TRAINING AND AWARDS 1) 3 months practice in lawyers office Wardyński & Partners in Warsaw and 1 month practice in Wardyński & Partners in Brussels and the Central European Law Offices, conducted jointly with the law firm Kocian Solčany Balaštík from the Czech Republic and Cechova & Partners Law Company in Slovakia (from 2th July 2007 to 31st October, 2007; during an internship in the office, while cooperation with the office of parliamentary Janusz Onyszkiewicz – the ability to use the library of the European Parliament and the European Commission); Dr Rzeszutko-Piotrowska received from Wardyński & Partners in Warsaw additional cash prize for substantive content to the work of the team during the placement after completion of internship in Brussels confirmed a special diploma. 2) participation in the Copernicus Graduate School in 2013 in Toruń (10 July/25 July - implementation of a research project titled: International migration in the European Union with regard to countries of the Southern Mediterranean [in:] Society and Nation in Transnational Processes in Europe, edited by Ralph Schattkowsky and Miloš Řezník, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK), 2015, Newcastle upon Tyne 2015, p. 344, 978-1-4438-7628-5. 3) preliminary research at the library in Cambridge in 2014 - (participation in the conference titled Process and Substance in Public Law from 15 September-17 10 September 2014, research stay 10 days, she had accommodation in Robinson College Hotel in Cambridge, participation in a research project at Cambridge Law School); 4) preliminary research at the library in the College Polonicum in Słubice in Frankfurt Oder (2008). In Słubice at the conference titled: “European Union after enlargement 2007” organized by the Institute of Political Science and Journalism University and Collegium Polonicum Dr Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska had lecture on February 8, 2008 titled: Protection of fundamental rights in the European Union – an analysis of selected topics in the light of the EU Reform Treaty. 5) preliminary research at the library in the College Polonicum in Słubice in Frankfurt an der Oder in 2013 Participation in the framework of research stay in the team and creating individual publications as part of the project: “The European Integration Process. The double reunification through the EU Education Policy”. (1948-2012), (EDUPOL-module), funded by the European Commission under Jean Monnet Programme LLP. The project has been published her article: M. RzeszutkoPiotrowska, Zmiany instytucjonalne i regulacyjne w systemie finansowym Unii Europejskiej po wybuchu światowego kryzysu (Institutional and regulatory changes in the financial system of the European Union after the outbreak of the global crisis), [in:] Unia Europejska w czasach kryzysu. NajwaŜniejsze wyzwania i scenariusze na przyszłość (The European Union in crisis. Key challenges and scenarios for the future), ed. M. Musiał-Karg, Poznań-Słubice 2014, p. 65-77, ISBN: 978-83-62907-56-4. 6) Hague, visiting researcher (03.07.2016-16.07.2016) - a scholarship to attend a summer school on international humanitarian law organized by the University of Leiden and a library inquiry in The Hague. 7) preliminary research at the library in the College Polonicum in Słubice in Frankfurt an der Oder in 2014 (implementation of the research project: M. Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, Bezpieczeństwo Ŝeglugi śródlądowej w Unii Europejskiej – analiza wybranych zagadnień (Security inland waterway in the European Union – an analysis of selected issues), [in:] Europa XXI w. (Europe XXI century), ed. M. Musiał-Karg, PoznańSłubice 2015, p. 123-134, ISBN: 978-83-62907-68-4). 8) preliminary research at the library in the University of Zilina, Slovakia. During the stay part in the conference Human Potential Development (19-20 June 2013 at the University of Zilina, Slovakia, the implementation of a research project), publication: M. Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, Korea – Japan economic and politic cooperation amid a new East Asian integration – analysis of selected issues, “Notitiae Novae Facultatis Iuridicae Universitatis Matthiae Belli Neosolii”, vol. XVIII/2013-2014, p. 247-257, ISBN: 978-80-557-0685-6. 9) preliminary research at the library in the University of Charles University in Prague in (15 August-30 August 2013), scientific cooperation with the publishing house Verbum in Prague: 1) M. Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, Media społecznościowe jako nowe narzędzie budowania wizerunku w firmach w Polsce i Unii Europejskiej (Social media as a new tool for building the image of the companies in Poland and the European Union ), [in:] Problemy konwergencji mediów w Polsce (Problems of media convergence in Poland), ed. M. Kaczmaczyk, publisher Verbum, Praga 2013, p. 415423; 2) M. Rzeszutko-Piotrowska, Wybrane narzędzia komunikowania wewnętrznego i zewnętrznego w jednostkach samorządu terytorialnego (Some of the tools of internal and external communication in local government units), [in:] Oblicza komunikacji społecznej. Wokół problematyki marketingu i public relations w nowoczesnym społeczeństwie (Faces of social communication. Around issues of marketing and public relations in modern society), ed. M. Kaczmarczyk, Praga 2013, p. 79-93, ISBN 978-80-87800-01-0. 10) dr Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska participated in the interactive seminars of Summer School on Maritime Law and Mediation from 19th to 26th of July 2015 in Athens in Greece. She received a special diploma and prize from organizer Hellenic Management Center in Greece, Lloyd's Register and European Law Students Association. Dr Rzeszutko-Piotrowska was participant of twenty five lectures during this summer school. 12 11) dr Małgorzata Rzeszutko-Piotrowska participated in the interactive seminars of Summer School on Maritime Law on 31 July to 11 August 2015 in Italy.
Main science area, domain, discipline: law / (law) / (social studies)
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