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Krzysztof Chabko, MSc
Senior Lecturer
The Institute of Computer Science
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Phone: +48 22 234 7810
Room no: 309
Consultations: Thursday 13.00-15.00


Authored books
Papers from journals [4]
research report
Chabko Krzysztof, Rudowski Michał, Stępień Cezary: Modelling and Visualisation of Images of Directional Light Sources in Bad Weather Conditions, 69/1994, 14 p., 1994, research report
Chabko Krzysztof, Gracki Krzysztof, Pawłowski Marek, Skorupski Andrzej, Szymański Zbigniew: A method and a device for correcting large format high resolution images, Invention, Accepted, Application number: P-417241, Patent/rights number: 230262, Application date: 17-05-2016, Patent (decision) date: 11-06-2018, Publication of patent: [WUP 31-10-2018]
Ankieta 2013
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