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Julian Myrcha, MSc
Senior Lecturer
The Institute of Computer Science
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Phone: +48 22 234 5413
Room no: 308A
Consultations: Thursday 14.00-16.00

Projects (archive)

Instytut Informatyki [5]
The development of machine learning methods for big data quality monitoring and its interactive visualisation in the frames of the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN . Project leader: Trzciński Tomasz, , Phone: +48 22 234 7650, application date 09-06-2016, start date 20-01-2017, planned end date 19-01-2020, II/2017/SONATA/1, Implemented
WEiTI Projects financed by NSC [Projekty finansowane przez NCN]
Open and portable software are library for rapid eye tracking. Project leader: Rokita Przemysław, , Phone: +48 22 234-7753, start date 31-12-2016, end date 30-12-2018, II/2017/OPEYE/1, Completed
Prace umowne zagraniczne
The development of the industrial research reports for needs of the "UNIVerse" project. Project leader: Protaziuk Grzegorz M., , Phone: +48 22 234 7715, start date 02-11-2015, end date 01-12-2015, II/2015/PUZ/3, Completed
Prace umowne krajowe
Development of a software application for processing and imaging of pipeline In-Line-Inspection data. Project leader: Chrząszcz Jerzy, , Phone: +48 22 234 5562, start date 27-02-2014, end date 19-12-2014, II/2014/PUK/1, Completed
Prace umowne krajowe
Automated Web Browers Rendering Results Comparison. Project leader: Rokita Przemysław, , Phone: +48 22 234-7753, start date 03-09-2010, end date 04-07-2011, II/2010/PUK/1, Completed
Wydział Elektroniki i Technik Informacyjnych
Program Strategiczny
Establishment of the universal, open, hosting and communication, repository platform for network resources of knowledge to be used by science, education and open knowledge society. Project leader: Kryszkiewicz Marzena, , Phone: +48 22 234 7701, start date 16-08-2010, planned end date 16-08-2013, end date 31-10-2013, WEiTI/2012/PS/1, Completed
WEiTI Projects financed by NCRD [Projekty finansowane przez NCBiR (NCBR)]
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