Physicochemical and thermodynamic properties of the {1-alkyl-1-methylmorpholinium bromide, [C1Cn=3,4,5MOR]Br, or 1-methyl-1-pentylpiperidinium bromide, [C1C5PIP]Br + water} binary systems

Maciej Zawadzki , Marta Królikowska , Jerzy Antonowicz , Paweł Lipiński , Monika Karpińska


In this study, the density, ρ, dynamic viscosity, η, (solid + liquid), SLE and (vapor + liquid), VLE phase equilibria of four binary systems (ionic liquid, IL + water) are determined. Heat capacities, Cp of (organic salt + water) mixtures were studied as well. In this work, a series of organic salts namely: 1-mehyl-1-propylmorpholinium bromide, [C1C3MOR]Br, 1-mehyl-1-butylmorpholinium bromide, [C1C4MOR]Br, 1-mehyl-1-pentylmorpholinium bromide, [C1C5MOR]Br and 1-methyl-1-pentylpiperidinium bromide, [C1C5PIP]Br have been synthesized. The structure of the synthesized compounds were confirmed by 1H NMR, 13C NMR and elemental analysis. The thermophysical characterization of pure organic salts, including: temperature of phase transition (Ttr), enthalpy of phase transition (ΔtrH), melting temperature (Tm) and enthalpy of melting (ΔmH) have been determined using differential scanning microcalorimetry technique (DSC) at atmospheric pressure. Additionally, the thermogravimetry technique (TG/DTA) was used to determine the decomposition temperature. The influence of the alkyl chain length in the morpholinium cation as well as the cation structure on the physicochemical and thermodynamic properties presented in this work are discussed.
Author Maciej Zawadzki ZChF
Maciej Zawadzki,,
- Department Of Physical Chemistry
, Marta Królikowska ZChF
Marta Królikowska,,
- Department Of Physical Chemistry
, Jerzy Antonowicz ZP
Jerzy Antonowicz,,
- Semiconductors Division
, Paweł Lipiński ZChF
Paweł Lipiński,,
- Department Of Physical Chemistry
, Monika Karpińska ZChF
Monika Karpińska,,
- Department Of Physical Chemistry
Journal seriesJournal of Chemical Thermodynamics, ISSN 0021-9614
Issue year2016
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