Real-time voxel rendering algorithm based on Screen Space Billboard Voxel Buffer with Sparse Lookup Textures

Szymon Jabłoński , Tomasz Martyn


In this paper, we present a novel approach to efficient real-time rendering of numerous high-resolution voxelized objects. We present a voxel rendering algorithm based on triangle rasterization pipeline with screen space rendering computational complexity. In order to limit the number of vertex shader invocations, voxel filtering algorithm with fixed size voxel data buffer was developed. Voxelized objects are represented by sparse voxel octree (SVO) structure. Using sparse texture available in modern graphics APIs, we create a 3D lookup table for voxel ids. Voxel filtering algorithm is based on 3D sparse texture ray marching approach. Screen Space Billboard Voxel Buffer is filled by voxels from visible voxels point cloud. Thanks to using 3D sparse textures, we are able to store high-resolution objects in VRAM memory. Moreover, sparse texture mipmaps can be used to control object level of detail (LOD). The geometry of a voxelized object is represented by a collection of points extracted from object SVO. Each point is defined by position, normal vector and texture coordinates. We also show how to take advantage of programmable geometry shaders in order to store voxel objects with extremely low memory requirements and to perform real-time visualization. Moreover, geometry shaders are used to generate billboard quads from the point cloud and to perform fast face culling. As a result, we obtained comparable or even better performance results in comparison to SVO ray tracing approach. The number of rendered voxels is limited to defined Screen Space Billboard Voxel Buffer resolution. Last but not least, thanks to graphics card adapter support, developed algorithm can be easily integrated with any graphics engine using triangle rasterization pipeline.
Author Szymon Jabłoński (FEIT / ICS)
Szymon Jabłoński,,
- The Institute of Computer Science
, Tomasz Martyn (FEIT / IN)
Tomasz Martyn,,
- The Institute of Computer Science
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Book Pan Zhigeng, Skala Vaclav (eds.): Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision WSCG 2016. Full Papers Proceedings, Computer Science Research Notes, vol. 2601, 2016, Czech Republic, Vaclav Skala - UNION Agency, ISBN 978-80-86943-57-2, 106 p.
Keywords in EnglishComputer graphics, voxel rendering, sparse voxel octree, sparse texture, point cloud, geometry shader, billboarding
ProjectDevelopment of new algorithms in the areas of software and computer architecture, artificial intelligence and information systems and computer graphics . Project leader: Rybiński Henryk, , Phone: +48 22 234 7731, start date 18-05-2015, end date 30-11-2016, II/2015/DS/1, Completed
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