Growth and basic investigations of LiNbO3 single crystals doped with Dy3+ ions

Izabela Pracka , Michał Malinowski , Marek Świrkowicz , Andrzej Bajor , B. Surma , Jarosław Kisielewski , Tadeusz Łukasiewicz , Zbigniew Galazka


Lithium niobate crystals doped with Dy3+ ions were grown by the Czochralski method. The doping concentrations were 0.3, 1, and 1.7 at.%, respectively. The dopant distribution was measured by the electron microprobe 'JOEL-JXA 50 A'-type device, and from these measurements the segregation coefficient has been found to be close to unity (k approximately equals 0.8). Optical homogeneity of crystals was investigated by the conoscopic and polarimetric methods. For the Z-optical axis direction it was found that the maximum residual birefringence (not exceeding 1.5 multiplied by 10-4), involved by residual stresses, occurred at the perimeters of the crystals, and the remaining crystalline areas were almost entirely free from excessive stresses. The absorption characteristics in the wavelength range of 200 - 6000 nm were measured. The photoluminescence characteristics were also measured in the visible part of the spectrum. It has been found that an important feature associated with luminescence of the Dy3+ in LiNbO3 is its high intensity and long decay time. From this it can be concluded that LiNbO3:Dy3+ is particularly well suited for visible lasers.
Author Izabela Pracka - [Instytutu Technologii Materialow Elektronicznych w Warszawie]
Izabela Pracka,,
, Michał Malinowski (FEIT / MO)
Michał Malinowski,,
- The Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
, Marek Świrkowicz - [Instytutu Technologii Materialow Elektronicznych w Warszawie]
Marek Świrkowicz,,
, Andrzej Bajor - [Instytutu Technologii Materialow Elektronicznych w Warszawie]
Andrzej Bajor,,
, B. Surma - [Instytutu Technologii Materialow Elektronicznych w Warszawie]
B. Surma,,
, Jarosław Kisielewski - [Instytutu Technologii Materialow Elektronicznych w Warszawie]
Jarosław Kisielewski,,
, Tadeusz Łukasiewicz
Tadeusz Łukasiewicz,,
, Zbigniew Galazka - [Instytutu Technologii Materialow Elektronicznych w Warszawie]
Zbigniew Galazka,,
Corporate authorInstitute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronisc (IMiO)
Book Żmija Józef, Majchrowski A, Rutkowski J., Zielinski Jerzy: Proceedings of Conference: Solid State Crystals: Growth and Characterization, vol. 3178, 1997, SPIE PO Box 10 Bellingham WA 98227-0010 USA, SPIE - international society for optics and photonics, ISBN 9780819426048, 326 p.
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