Superconductivity in alkali metal intercalated iron selenides

Anna Krztoń-Maziopa , V. Svitlyk , E. Pomjakushina , R. Puzniak , K. Conder


Alkali metal intercalated iron selenide superconductors AxFe2−ySe2 (where A = K, Rb, Cs, Tl/K, and Tl/Rb) are characterized by several unique properties, which were not revealed in other superconducting materials. The compounds crystallize in overall simple layered structure with FeSe layers intercalated with alkali metal. The structure turned out to be pretty complex as the existing Fe-vacancies order below ~550 K, which further leads to an antiferromagnetic ordering with Néel temperature fairly above room temperature. At even lower temperatures a phase separation is observed. While one of these phases stays magnetic down to the lowest temperatures the second is becoming superconducting below ~30 K. All these effects give rise to complex relationships between the structure, magnetism and superconductivity. In particular the iron vacancy ordering, linked with a long-range magnetic order and a mesoscopic phase separation, is assumed to be an intrinsic property of the system. Since the discovery of superconductivity in those compounds in 2010 they were investigated very extensively. Results of the studies conducted using a variety of experimental techniques and performed during the last five years were published in hundreds of reports. The present paper reviews scientific work concerning methods of synthesis and crystal growth, structural and superconducting properties as well as pressure investigations.
Author Anna Krztoń-Maziopa KChNTCS
Anna Krztoń-Maziopa,,
- Chair Of Inorganic Chemistry And Solid State Technology
, V. Svitlyk
V. Svitlyk,,
, E. Pomjakushina
E. Pomjakushina,,
, R. Puzniak
R. Puzniak,,
, K. Conder
K. Conder,,
Journal seriesJournal of Physics-Condensed Matter, ISSN 0953-8984 [1361-648X]
Issue year2016
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Keywords in Englishsuperconductivity, chalcogenides, alkali metals, intercalation, phase separation
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