‘Clickable’ ZnO nanocrystals: the superiority of a novel organometallic approach over the inorganic sol–gel procedure

Agnieszka Grala , Małgorzata Wolska-Pietkiewicz , Wojciech Danowski , Zbigniew Wróbel , Justyna Grzonka , Janusz Lewiński


We demonstrate for the first time a highly efficient Cu(I)-catalyzed alkyne–azide cycloaddition reaction on the surface of ZnO nanocrystals with retention of their photoluminescence properties. Our comparative studies highlight the superiority of a novel self-supporting organometallic method for the preparation of brightly luminescent and well-passivated ZnO nanocrystals over the traditional sol–gel procedure.
Author Agnieszka Grala ZKChM
Agnieszka Grala,,
- Department Of Catalysis And Organometallic Chemistry
, Małgorzata Wolska-Pietkiewicz ZKChM
Małgorzata Wolska-Pietkiewicz,,
- Department Of Catalysis And Organometallic Chemistry
, Wojciech Danowski ZKChM
Wojciech Danowski,,
- Department Of Catalysis And Organometallic Chemistry
, Zbigniew Wróbel
Zbigniew Wróbel,,
, Justyna Grzonka ZPM
Justyna Grzonka,,
- Division of Materials Design
, Janusz Lewiński ZKChM
Janusz Lewiński,,
- Department Of Catalysis And Organometallic Chemistry
Journal seriesChemical Communications, ISSN 1359-7345
Issue year2016
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URL http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2016/cc/c6cc01430e#!divAbstract
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