Reflection mode of long period grating based sensor

Magdalena Dominik , Predrag Mikulic , Wojtek J. Bock , Mateusz Jakub Śmietana


FO-o-6: Long period gratings (LPGs) have gained a great interest of scientific community in recent years thank to a number of their, which include high sensitivity, immunity to electromagnetic radiation, small dimension and relatively simple fabrication process. LPG is a periodic perturbations along longitudinal direction of an optical fiber which couples light from the fundamental core mode to a series of cladding modes resulting in a series of attenuation bands (resonances) in the transmission spectrum [1,2]. Sensitivity of the LPG is defined as a shift in resonance wavelength under an influence of changes in some external factors, e.g., temperature, pressure, bending or refractive index (RI) [3,4]. High RI sensitivity is of a great interest since it can be applied for label-free biomolecules detection [3]. Usually LPG are used in transmission mode, which limits suitability for many practical sensing systems. Therefore in this work we investigated LPG operating in reflection mode (form of probes), which significantly simplifies the measuring system, i.e., the sensor can be immersed into the testing solution without a need for specially designed flow-cells. Sensor structure has to be specially prepared to serve in reflection mode by forming a silver (Ag) mirror at the LPG end-face. This can be done by thermal evaporation method or sputtering, but these methods typically require advanced equipment setup. In this work we applied a simpler chemical technique for Ag deposition on fiber surface – the Tollen’s reaction. This method is based on the reduction of silver ammonium complexes into metallic silver nanoparticles in the presence of a reducing agent such as glucose [5]. Therefore the main objectives of this work are to fabricate sensitive and stable LPG sensor working in reflection mode able for high sensitivity surrounding RI measurements.
Author Magdalena Dominik (FEIT / MO)
Magdalena Dominik,,
- The Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
, Predrag Mikulic
Predrag Mikulic,,
, Wojtek J. Bock
Wojtek J. Bock,,
, Mateusz Jakub Śmietana (FEIT / MO)
Mateusz Jakub Śmietana,,
- The Institute of Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
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Book Wiśniowski Piotr (eds.): Materiały Konferencyjne: XII Konferencja Naukowa Technologia Elektronowa, ELTE '2016, vol. PenDrive, 2016, Kraków, Polska, Katedra Elektroniki, Wydział Informatyki Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica, 226 p.
Keywords in Englishoptical fiber sensor, long-period grating, refractive index sensing, reflection, Tollen’s reaction
Projectx. Project leader: Śmietana Mateusz Jakub, , Phone: (22) 234 63 64, start date 25-02-2015, planned end date 24-02-2018, IMIO/2015/NCN/1, Implemented
WEiTI Projects financed by NSC [Projekty finansowane przez NCN]
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