Characterization of three-dimensional printed composite scaffolds prepared with different fabrication methods

Karol Szlązak , Jakub Jaroszewicz , Barbara Ostrowska , Tomasz Jaroszewicz , M. Nabiałek , M. Szota , Wojciech Święszkowski


An optimal method for composites preparation as an input to rapid prototyping fabrication of scaffolds with potential application in osteochondral tissue engineering is still needed. Scaffolds in tissue engineering applications play a role of constructs providing appropriate mechanical support with defined porosity to assist regeneration of tissue. The aim of the presented study was to analyze the influence of composite fabrication methods on scaffolds mechanical properties. The evaluation was performed on polycaprolactone (PCL) with 5 wt% beta-tricalcium phosphate (TCP) scaffolds fabricated using fused deposition modeling (FDM). Three different methods of PCL-TCP composite preparation: solution casting, particles milling, extrusion and injection were used to provide material for scaffold fabrication. The obtained scaffolds were investigated by means of scanning electron microscope, x-ray micro computed tomography, thermal gravimetric analysis and static material testing machine. All of the scaffolds had the same geometry (cylinder, 4×6 mm) and fiber orientation (0/60/120°). There were some differences in the TCP distribution and formation of the ceramic agglomerates in the scaffolds. They depended on fabrication method. The use of composites prepared by solution casting method resulted in scaffolds with the best combination of compressive strength (5.7±0.2 MPa) and porosity (48.5±2.7 %), both within the range of trabecular bone.
Author Karol Szlązak ZPM
Karol Szlązak,,
- Division of Materials Design
, Jakub Jaroszewicz WIM
Jakub Jaroszewicz,,
- Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
, Barbara Ostrowska ZPM
Barbara Ostrowska,,
- Division of Materials Design
, Tomasz Jaroszewicz ZPM
Tomasz Jaroszewicz,,
- Division of Materials Design
, M. Nabiałek
M. Nabiałek,,
, M. Szota
M. Szota,,
, Wojciech Święszkowski ZPM
Wojciech Święszkowski,,
- Division of Materials Design
Journal seriesArchives of Metallurgy and Materials, ISSN 1733-3490
Issue year2016
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Keywords in Englishpolycaprolactone; tricalcium phosphate; scaffold; rapid prototyping; tissue engineering; computed tomography
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