Technologia blockchain – elementy innowacyjne i bezpieczeństwo danych

Grzegorz Borowik , Zbigniew M. Wawrzyniak , Paweł Cichosz


The development of blockchain technology in recent years has resulted in the emergence of many innovative concepts of its application. First of all, blockchain gives Internet users the ability to create values and authenticate digital information, and thus can be used in various fields to handle transactional processes. The aim of this chapter is to present selected aspects of blockchain technology and their significance with regard to crime prevention. The basic discussion focused on the innovative and technical aspects as well as the complexity of data security threats. Examples of blockchain applications are given in the light of the problems indicated. On the one hand, the invention of cryptocurrencies facilitated secure transactions via the Internet, but on the other hand, they are used for various cybercrimes. For technological reasons and because of some immaturity in the area of security, blockchain, as a medium for non-monetary currencies, has aroused interest in criminal circles, where, above all, money laundering by means of cryptocurrencies is a serious challenge for law enforcement agencies. The chapter also highlights what powerful weapon for domestic and international criminal groups was created by the anonymous and decentralized nature of virtual currencies. These criminal groups deal, inter alia, with drug-related crimes, theft of antiques, trade in firearms, terrorism, and the sexual abuse of children.
Author Grzegorz Borowik
Grzegorz Borowik,,
, Zbigniew M. Wawrzyniak (FEIT / PE)
Zbigniew M. Wawrzyniak,,
- The Institute of Electronic Systems
, Paweł Cichosz (FEIT / IN)
Paweł Cichosz,,
- The Institute of Computer Science
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Book Hołyst Brunon, Malec Norbert, Wawrzyniak Zbigniew M.: Prognozowanie kryminologiczne w wymiarze społecznym, Tom 2 - Modele prognostyczne, Przestępczość, Wiktymizacja, Profilaktyka, 2018, 02-460, Warszawa, ulica Gottlieba Daimlera 2, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, ISBN 978-83-01-20469-3, 1104 p.
ProjectCreating a system for forecasting the development of crime, as an element of building a security strategy and public policy. Project leader: Wawrzyniak Zbigniew M., , Phone: +48 22 234 7738, application date 15-09-2015, start date 21-12-2015, end date 20-12-2018, ISE/2015/4/NCBiR/7-2015/Prokrym, Completed
WEiTI Projects financed by NCRD [Projekty finansowane przez NCBiR (NCBR)]
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