Influence of the cavity field flatness and effect of the face refference line errors on the beam dynamics of the ess linac

L. De Prisco , R. Zeng , Krzysztof Marek Czuba , Tomasz Leśniak , Radosław Papis , Dominik Sikora , Mateusz Sebastian Żukociński


Theparticlelongitudinaldynamicsisaffectedbyerrors onthephaseandamplitudeoftheelectro-magneticfieldin eachcavitythatcauseemittancegrowth,beamdegradation andlosses. Oneofthecausesofthephaseerroristhechange of the ambience temperature in the LINAC tunnel, in the stubandintheklystrongallerythatinducesaphasedriftof thesignaltravellingthroughthecablesandradiofrequency components. Thefieldflatnesserrorofeachmultiplecell cavityiscausedbyvolumeperturbation,celltocellcoupling, tunerpenetration,etc. Inthispapertheinfluencesofthese twotypesoferrorsonthebeamdynamicsarestudiedand tolerancesforkeepingbeamqualitywithinacceptablelimits aredetermined.
Author L. De Prisco - Faculty of Engineering (LTH) [Lund University (Lunds)]
L. De Prisco,,
, R. Zeng - European Spallation Source (ESS ERIC)
R. Zeng,,
, Krzysztof Marek Czuba (FEIT / PE)
Krzysztof Marek Czuba,,
- The Institute of Electronic Systems
, Tomasz Leśniak
Tomasz Leśniak,,
, Radosław Papis
Radosław Papis,,
, Dominik Sikora (FEIT / PE)
Dominik Sikora,,
- The Institute of Electronic Systems
, Mateusz Sebastian Żukociński (FEIT / PE)
Mateusz Sebastian Żukociński,,
- The Institute of Electronic Systems
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Book Proceedings of the 61st ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams, 2018, JACoW Publishing, ISBN 978-3-95450-202-8, 475 p.
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Keywords in EnglishINTEGRATION, INTERFACES, STABILIZATION, SYSTEM, DESIGN, DRIFT, TUBE, LINAC, ESS, esss, DTL, drift, Tube, Linac, beam, dynamics, RF, radio, frequency, stabilization, post, couplers, coupler, tuner, tuners, pick, accelerating, sensitivity, tuning, tilt, pmq, permanent, quadrupole, focusing, detuning, mismatch, parameter, matched, twiss, parameters, phase, advance, cooling, stem, stems, compensation, software, emittance, growth, tune, depression, error, study, studies, position, monitor, monitors, steerers, adjust, steerer, rfq, input, alignment, angle, cavity, tank, dipole, static, dynamic, PIC-NIC, PIC-NIR, statistic, statistical, TraceWin, confidence, power, losses, lost, level, longitudinal, transverse, MEBT, medium, beta, high, average
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