Particle size effect on velocity of gold particle embedded laser driven plastic targets

L.J. Dhareshwar , S. Chaurasia , K. Manmohan , Jan Badziak , Jerzy Wołowski , Andrzej Kasperczuk , Tadeusz Pisarczyk , Leszek Ryc , Marcin Rosiński , Piotr Parys , Paweł Pisarczyk , Jiri Ullschmied , Eduard Krousky , Karel Masek


A scheme to enhance the target foil velocity has been investigated for a direct drive inertial fusion target. Polymer PVA (polyvinyl alcohol or (C2H4O)n) target foils of thickness 15–20 �mwere used in plain form and also embedded with gold in the nano-particle (Au-np) or micro-particle (Au-mp) form. Nanoparticles were of 20–50 nm and micro-particles of 2–3 �m in size. 17% higher target velocity was measured for foils embedded with nano-particle gold (Au-np) as compared to targets embedded with micro-particles gold (Au-mp). The weight of gold in both cases was in the range 40–55% of the full target weight (atomic percentage of about 22%). Experiments were performed with the single beam of the Prague Asterix Laser system (PALS) at 0.43 �m wavelength (3� of the fundamental wavelength), 120 Joule energy and 300 psec pulse duration. Laser intensity on the target was about 1015W/cm2. A simple model has been proposed to explain the experimental results.
Author L.J. Dhareshwar
L.J. Dhareshwar,,
, S. Chaurasia
S. Chaurasia,,
, K. Manmohan
K. Manmohan,,
, Jan Badziak
Jan Badziak,,
, Jerzy Wołowski
Jerzy Wołowski,,
, Andrzej Kasperczuk
Andrzej Kasperczuk,,
, Tadeusz Pisarczyk
Tadeusz Pisarczyk,,
, Leszek Ryc
Leszek Ryc,,
, Marcin Rosiński
Marcin Rosiński,,
, Piotr Parys
Piotr Parys,,
et al.`
Book Mora Patrick, Tanaka K. A. , Moses E. (eds.): IFSA 2011 – Seventh International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications, EPJ Web of Conferences, vol. 59, 2013, EDP Sciences, ISBN 978-2-7598-1077-2, 1905 p.
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