The first structurally characterized trinickel cluster with an open structure: Crystal and molecular structure of CpNi[μ-η4-PhCC(Ph)C(Ph)CPh]Ni(μ-η2η2-PhCCPh)NiCp

S. Pasynkiewicz , Antoni Pietrzykowski , B. Kryza-Niemiec , Janusz Zachara


Reaction of nickelocene with methyllithium in the presence of diphenylacetylene at the molar ratio of reactants 1:1:2 produces a trinickel cluster with an open structure. The cluster contains a bent arrangement of nickel atoms. Two of the alkyne units are linked via a carboncarbon bond to produce a nickelacyclopentadienyl ring, while the third alkyne unit remains independently coordinated to the cluster via two π-bonds. Two Cp groups are bonded to two terminal nickel atoms. The cluster crystallizes from methylene chloride with solvent molecules in a monoclinic crystal system and P21/n space group. Corresponding unit cell parameters were determined as: a=12.4385(13) Å; b=24.994(3) Å; c=13.9657(14) Å; β=91.457(8)°; V=4340.4(8) Å3; Z=4.
Author S. Pasynkiewicz
S. Pasynkiewicz,,
, Antoni Pietrzykowski ZKChM
Antoni Pietrzykowski,,
- Department Of Catalysis And Organometallic Chemistry
, B. Kryza-Niemiec
B. Kryza-Niemiec,,
, Janusz Zachara KChNTCS
Janusz Zachara,,
- Chair Of Inorganic Chemistry And Solid State Technology
Journal seriesJournal of Organometallic Chemistry, ISSN 0022-328X
Issue year1998
Keywords in EnglishMetal clusters, Nickel, Nickelocene
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