Reactions of nickelocene with diphenylmethyl- and triphenylmethyllithium

Stanisław Pasynkiewicz , Antoni Pietrzykowski , Lidia Bukowska , Konrad Słupecki , Lucjan B Jerzykiewicz , Zofia Urbańczyk-Lipkowska


Reactions of nickelocene with diphenylmethyl- and triphenylmethyllithium have been studied. Several organonickel compounds were formed in these reactions. The products were separated by column chromatography and characterised by spectral methods. The presence of alkylated nickelocenes among products of both reactions has been confirmed. The crystal structures of two π-allyl cyclopentadienylnickel complexes have been determined by X-ray measurements. Bis(η5-cyclopentadienyη3-cyclopentenylnickel) (1) crystallises in orthorhombic crystal system with eight molecules in a unit cell; space group Pbca, unit cell dimensions: a=10.134(3), b=11.801(3), c=26.753(7) Å. Compound 4 contains triphenylmethyl group η3-bonded to NiCp unit. It crystallises in triclinic crystal system with four molecules in the unit cell; space group P1̄; unit cell dimensions: a=9.8747(9), b=10.6331(10), c=19.569(2) Å and α=93.793(8), β=102.000(8), γ=113.912(7)°.
Author Stanisław Pasynkiewicz
Stanisław Pasynkiewicz,,
, Antoni Pietrzykowski (FC / DCOC)
Antoni Pietrzykowski,,
- Department Of Catalysis And Organometallic Chemistry
, Lidia Bukowska
Lidia Bukowska,,
, Konrad Słupecki
Konrad Słupecki,,
, Lucjan B Jerzykiewicz
Lucjan B Jerzykiewicz,,
, Zofia Urbańczyk-Lipkowska
Zofia Urbańczyk-Lipkowska,,
Journal seriesJournal of Organometallic Chemistry, ISSN 0022-328X
Issue year2000
Keywords in EnglishAlkylation of nickelocene, Clusters, Crystal structure, Cyclopentadienyl, Nickel, π-Allyl complexes
Score (nominal)30
Publication indicators WoS Impact Factor: 2006 = 2.332 (2) - 2007=2.097 (5)
Citation count*14 (2015-10-27)
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