CEM I and III Based Paste, Mortar and Concrete Products, Manufactured with Fluidised-Bed Incinerated Sewage Sludge Ashes

L.N. Trusilewicz , Piotr Paweł Woyciechowski , P. Górak , Wiesława Nocuń-Wczelik


This work belongs to the H2020-MSCA-IF-2016-746830 project on: “Management of municipal water waste treatment plants potential by-products of sewage sludge ash type, as active or non-ac- tive additions to PC-based binders” - “Sewage sludge in PC”. Two 190114 fly ashes from multi-cyclones and electric precipitators streams were considered from two different, geographically situated, municipal wastewater treatment mechanical-biological sys- tem plants in Poland. Two CEM I and one CEM III/A PCs and other two EN 197-1 materials (100102 fly ash and 100201 granulated blast furnace slag) were selected for the resultant binary and ternary binders. The original materials physical-chemical and mineralogical analysis reveals their siliceous and alu- minous nature, as well as pozzolanic activity test fulfilment for 25% wt. of cement replacements. The heat of hydration released in the high-C3A binders exhibits an increase, directly proportional to the increased PC replacement by the 190114 fraction. The Q(t) calorimetric effect is more pro- nounced for the conglomerates of high-C3Aeq, but is inversely proportional to the resultant C3Aeq quantities. The indispensability of EN 934 plasticizer in order to reduce the arising water demand is considered only for the high-C3Aeq mortars and in all the studied concretes. The manufactured EN 196-1 and ASTM C311 mortars as well as EN 12390-2 concretes observed sound, short-term (2 days) and long-term (28 and 90 days), behaviour confirm both the potential functions of the 190114 waste stream: as active mineral addition up to 25% wt. of PC replacements, as well as fine aggre- gate up to 20% wt. of sustainable substitutions.
Author L.N. Trusilewicz
L.N. Trusilewicz,,
, Piotr Paweł Woyciechowski (FCE / ICE)
Piotr Paweł Woyciechowski,,
- The Institute of Civil Engineering
, P. Górak
P. Górak,,
, Wiesława Nocuń-Wczelik - AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH)
Wiesława Nocuń-Wczelik,,
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Book 10th International Concrete Congress on Recent Advances in Concrete Technology [Proceedings], 2019
Keywords in Englishsewage sludge ash, cocncrete
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