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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry

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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry in Płock is a basic organizational unit of Warsaw University of Technology. As an off-campus entity, it assembles academics of varied backgrounds and competencies of teaching and research. The Faculty is composed of three institutes (Institute of Civil Engineering, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, and Institute of Chemistry) and 3 interfaculty units (Mathematics and Physics Department, Foreign Languages Centre, and Physical Education and Sports Centre). The Faculty runs 4 courses of study: Civil Engineering (1st cycle (Bachelor’s), 2nd cycle (Master’s), and 3rd cycle (Doctoral)), Mechanics and Machinery Engineering (1st cycle (Bachelor’s), 2nd cycle (Master’s), and 3rd cycle (Doctoral), Chemical Technology (1st cycle (Bachelor’s), and 2nd cycle (Master’s), and Environmental Engineering (1st cycle (Bachelor’s). The Faculty conducts research, both basic and applied, in a relatively wide range of subjects, which is the consequence of the variety of its educational programmes. The academic staff conduct extensive research work, primarily in the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Construction and Operation of Machinery, Chemical Technology, Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The Repository, therefore, includes publications and other scientific papers in the field of technical sciences with a very wide range of topics in the above mentioned disciplines. The Faculty resources also contain works of other sciences (physics, mathematics) and other disciplines. The Faculty specializes in the following issues: structural mechanics, properties of building materials, engineering of construction projects, sanitary engineering and environmental protection, building physics, energy systems, mechanical systems and machinery for industry and agriculture, fuels, petrochemicals, refinery and petrochemical processes in crude oil processing, processes of biomass processing, tribology and tribochemistry.

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