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Institute of Civil Engineering is one of the three institutes of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry. The Institute is composed of: Department of Structure Design and Construction Technology– headed by Prof. Roman Marcinkowski, DSc. Eng. Department of Mechanics of Structure and Construction Materials –headed by Prof. Mirosław Kosiorek, DSc. Eng. Department of Sanitary Engineering and Environmental Protection –headed by Prof. Wojciech Feluch, DSc. Eng. Department of Construction Installations and Building Engineering Physics –headed by Prof. Dorota Bzowska, DSc. Eng. Central Laboratory of the Institute of Civil Engineering – headed by Ryszard Grzelak, Eng. The Institute has its research laboratories and workshops: Strength of Materials Laboratory Water and Sewage Technology Laboratory Waste Management Laboratory Building Engineering Physics Laboratory Construction Chemistry Laboratory General Computer Laboratory Civil Engineering Computer Laboratory Environmental Engineering Computer Laboratory Soil Mechanics Laboratory Building Materials and Concrete Technology Laboratory Structural Engineering Laboratory General Chemistry for the Environment Workshop Sanitary Biology Workshop Areas of Research Activity of the Institute: Research on ground engineering for building constructions Research on engineering and building structures and their components: conglomerates, columns, girders, walls, foundations, etc. Research on durability of materials and structures, corrosion resistance of cement and ceramic composites, corrosion mechanisms of building materials, effectiveness of anticorrosive protection, etc. Research on physical and mechanical properties of concretes and mortars modified with various additives, including waste; in particular, properties of recycled aggregate concrete, modified cement binders, and modified flooring mortars, Research on energy efficiency and energy consumption projections in large space buildings Research on processes of water circulation and pollution and waste management in terms of environmental engineering and protection; analysis of water and sewage management in rural areas Analysis of the state of environment in the areas affected by floods in the county of Płock Imbalance of water consumption and distribution in multifamily housing.
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