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Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, FMSE, of Warsaw University is the leading research and higher education institution in Poland (possessing A+ category awarded in the Science Evaluation Exercise carried out by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education). The Faculty combines a strong interest in new materials and technologies with significant achievements in applied activities. The main research topics include:  Nanomaterials and amorphous materials (NANO)  Biomaterials and bioengineering (BIO)  Advanced ceramics and composites (COMPO)  Functional and tailored materials (FUNCTION)  Materials for energy (ENERGY)  Materials for aviation (AVIATION)  Surface engineering (SURFACE)  Degradation of engineering materials (DEGRADATION)  Modern methods of materials characterisation (CHARACTERISATION)  Multiscale modelling (MODELLING) The extensive research programs carried out at FMSE are financed by the National Research Funding Agencies, the EC and industry. The Faculty permanent staff consists of about 80 persons supported by 100 PhD students. These two figures make the Faculty one of the largest academic groups in the field of materials science in Europe, and provides a critical mass and good opportunity to participate in ambitious research projects. FMSE has also significant achievements in the materials characterization and modelling. The Faculty operates Materials Characterization Laboratory equipped with ultra high resolution TEM (Jeol JEM 3010), STEM (Hitachi HD 2700 with Cs correction system and Hitachi S 5500), X-ray Micro/Nano Tomography and Focus Ion Beam. The available equipment and staff expertise have the key meaning to understanding and control of structure of processed materials.

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