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The Faculty The Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering was established in 1960 by joining the former Faculties of Aeronautics and Mechanical Design. The purpose of the fusion was to create a department offering education in the most important branches of engineering, as one can say, producing a catalyst by a technical progress. The Faculty, in view of both, the intellectual capacity as well as its experimental background, is perfectly suited to become the research centre for aeronautical sciences as well as power and heat transfer technology in Poland, providing a forum for interesting meetings, seminars and even ‘brain storming” sessions. With such variety of interfering fields of science like aerospace technology, power engineering, robotics, ecological technology for energy transfer, biomechanics and robotics, being explored and developed at the same place, the Faculty offers excellent prospects stimulating scientific progress as well. Students life The students’ “Union” welcomes all new students to participate in its activitiesy. Many events,; like, parties, celebration meetings, and even the exhibitions and conferences are organized by the Union. The Union is deeply involved in all activities pursued at the Faculty that result in anthe students-open and friendly environment for the students. Students’ Research Clubs A number of Students’ Research Clubs operate at the Faculty. You can easily join any of them and develop your interests, sometimes doing extraordinary things! The following clubs exist: Aerodesign – dealing with developing and building the aircraft models maximizing their payload Astronautics – involved in building a real satellite and making experiments with zero gravity flights Aviators Melavio - working on avionics sytems for UAV Robotics Unconventional Power Engineering Vehicle Aerodynamics – focusing on the development and construction of the vehicles taking part in the Shell Eco-Marathon Yachting – working on a trimaran with hydro-wings and testing rigid sails Successes The students have provend their capabilities in the designing and assembling of novel small airplanes with a very good performance. The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) students’ branch at the Faculty (3 times won the prestigious World Competitions - SAE Aero Design (held in USA) three times. Rising up theis Competitions level, they recently they got the 3rd price. The Archimedes Prize in 2002 came was given to the student Krzysztof Konarzewski for his work on "Simulations for safer wheelchair use". Four consecutive Fiat Prizes in the years 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 were won by the Faculty and students as well. Students associated within the Students’ Road Vehicles Aerodynamics Club intensively develop prototypes of the urban concept car and experimental low consumption car. There are multidisciplinary projects engaging students and teachers in different fields: aerodynamics, stress analysis, dynamic analysis, engine design, structure analysis, safety and crash analysis. The first versions of prototypes have been built and recently are under improvement. Students attended the Shell Eco-Marathons 2006-2008 in Nogaro and are now preparing now for start in the next edition of marathon. The recent achievement is 2nd prize in SAE Aero Design, which had been won in the sSpring of 2009. In 2009, a doctorate thesis devoted to the cars’ safety by Tomasz Dziewonski was granted by Fiat price. The diploma work on robotics by Maciej Cader got the a price fromof The Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements – PIAP (2009). Attractions Students’ life includes sports, cultural and other activities. Every year the Miss and Mister of Beauty competitions take place. The Touring club organizes excursions, trekking tours and other attractive events. Students can also listen to different kinds of music, or just enjoy themselves in the student clubs “BOOM” and BOB”.

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