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Institute of Heat Engineering is one of the two institutes of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. It was founded in 1961 by Prof Bohdan Stefanowski as a leading research and teaching institution in area of power engineering and thermal technologies. Current research and teaching profile of the Institute is reflected by its internal structure, with Divisions of Thermodynamics, Power Machines and Devices, Cooling and Building’s Energy, Efficient Energy Consumption, and Aeroengines. The Institute carries out teaching for the students of Power Engineering course (practically on its own), and participates in running other courses offered by the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, i.e. Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Machine Design, and Automation & Robotics (in Polish). Institute also teaches in English within Power Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear Power Engineering courses. In 2013 international PhD programme in Innovative Nuclear and Sustainable Power Engineering was launched in collaboration with research institutions from the USA, France and Republic of Korea. Post-graduate courses focused on conventional and nuclear power engineering, as well as energy efficiency are also included in the current offer. Institute’s staff is involved in research projects in areas of energy engineering, combustion and explosions (industrial safety issues), with special focus on the problems related to conventional power engineering (steam boilers and turbines, modern power technologies), renewable energy (solar energy, renewable energy conversion) and nuclear power. There is also much research on efficient utilisation of energy resources, including energy saving measures in buildings. Scientific research is carried out within projects financed by central institutions like National Centre for Research and Development and National Science Centre, Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Also practical research and industrial implementation works are performed for energy utilities and other companies. The Institute owns well equipped research laboratories, including thermal measurement lab, pump testing lab, detonation propulsion lab, HT fuel cell lab, and solar energy and cooling lab. Staff and students may also utilise the energy efficiency laboratory at the Poland-Japan Energy Conservation Technology Centre. Computer laboratories provided with specialist software enabling e.g. nuclear reactor safety analyses or energy balance calculations for thermal power plants are also valuable for both teaching and research activities. The Institute publishes its own scientific journal: Journal of Power Technologies, listed within the highest category by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (List B). Three employees of the Institute are managing editors of other journals from this list: Archivum Combustionis, Rynek Energii i Polska Energetyka Słoneczna. Detailed information on activity and achievements of the Institute of Heat Engineering may be found at

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