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Department of Vehicle Maintance and Operation

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Scientific and research activity refers to modelling and analysis of working processes occurring in vehicles. Safety of technical means of transport and their working environment. Assessment of impact that technical and structural parameters have on road vehicles motion and dynamics. Identification of accident situations, assessment of causes and effects of accidents with participation of a human being as well as technical means of transport. Driving simulators design and appications.

Reliability, durability and availability of mechanical vehicles, destructive processes modelling. Development of processes for providing services and repairing vehicles. Assessment of diagnostic, service and repair accessibility of transport devices.

Description of tribological processes occurring in means of transport. Assessment of technological processes of technical service and repairs of means of transport. Designing technical support facilities of means of transport. Expertise studies on technical status, technologies for technical services and repairs of means of transport.

Design of diagnostic tests, designing diagnostic devices as well as service - repair equipment.

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