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Who we are Materials Design Division of Faculty of Materials Science WUT is a dynamic group of researchers working in the field of materials science. We do focus on both applied and basic research. Other fields of our activity include education and consulting/expertise projects. Genesis and scope The Materials Design Division has been created in 1994 by Prof. K.J.Kurzydłowski. Since the beginning, the main research fields included: quantitative structure and microstructure characterisation and modelling, properties of grain boundaries and mechanical properties of polycrystalline materials, nanocrystalline materials, composites and amorphous materials, microstructure degradation, corrosion and wear. Our mission The mission of Materials Design Division of Materials Science and Engineering Department at Warsaw University of Technology is to develop engineering materials for industrial applications. To this end the Division undertakes research of both fundamental and applied nature. In particular, the research interest in concentrated on characterization, modelling and modification of materials for applications in extreme industrial environments. The division provides to the customers state of the art research and services essential for safe operations of products and industrial installations. These services include monitoring of materials degradation (with the use of advanced non-invasive techniques) for safe extension of the time of operation, failure analysis and design of the prevention measures. In the efforts to promote the use of advanced engineering materials and technologies the Division undertakes also a number of educational initiatives, including dedicated post graduate courses and workshops both for highly specialized audience as well as for the general public. Our vision The Materials Design Division is a dynamic materials research group operating in University environment. The group provides research and consultancy based on state of the art tools for materials characterization and modelling. It serves variety of customers primarily from industry, but also from other fields of science and engineering. The Division offers creative environments for interdisciplinary applied research and education by engaging students and post-docs with different scientific background in industry meaningful projects.
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