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The Faculty of Architecture (WAPW) is one of the oldest faculties within the Warsaw University of Technology, with a student enrolment of approximately 1200. It is a centre for teaching and research in architectural design, history and theory, offers advanced degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels, where Architecture is understood as a cultural practice involving both speculative intelligence and practical know-how. Students at the School of Architecture benefit from its relatively small size. In recent years the School has annually enrolled approximately 180 students. Graduate and undergraduate programs in the School share faculty course offerings and facilities, which fosters close relationship among all students in the School. The students of Architecture study architectural issues. These start from the small industrial forms and interior design, residential, public, retail and industrial buildings, landscaping and green areas, sports grounds and facilities, rural and urban planning. Apart from design, students are taught a following scope of issues: • the Theory and History of Architecture, Urban Forms and Fine Arts, • Mathematics, Structural Mechanics, Design of Structural Elements, Building Techniques, Building Services, Building Physics, Connections to External Power Sources, • Economics for Architects (Economy of Design, Project Management, Investment Process and Legislation), • Social and Natural Sciences (Ecology, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Culture, Professional Ethics), • Fine Arts and Visual Arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, computer visualisations), • Workshop techniques (technical drawings, modelling, computer aided design), • Elective foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish. Our goals: providing undergraduates with a wide knowledge of art and technical as well as humanistic education and a strong foundation for additional studies in Architecture, and offering graduate students a comprehensive education in design, technology, conservation issues and the history and theories of architecture. Faculty of Architecture courses: Engineer course Polish: 8 semesters, fulltime and parttime studies in architecture and urban design degree: inżynier architekt (equivalent to BSc) Master course Polish: 4 semesters, fulltime and parttime studies in architecture and urban design English: 4 semesters, Architecture for Society of Knowledge studies in architecture and urban design degree: magister inżynier architekt (equivalent to MSc) Doctoral course Polish and English: 8 semesters, fulltime and parttime studies degree: doktor nauk technicznych (equivalent to PhD) (

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