Faculty of Civil Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology

The Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded in 1915 but its tradition date back to the beginning of 18th century. Students are taught at the specialization of Civil Engineering (engineering, MSc and PhD studies). The Faculty also offers English-medium studies - Civil Engineering. Moreover, the didactic offer includes postgraduate studies - Management in Civil Engineering. The Faculty building is located at Armii Ludowej 16, here there are most lecture rooms and didactic and research laboratories. A great collection of the faculty library comprises over 9,500 books and 27 titles of Polish journals. Additionally, the library collects special publications, closely connected with the specializations. The Faculty employs 146 academic teachers, including 18 professors (10 titular professors) and 8 associate professors. The total number of students is over 2500. In the 90-year-long tradition of the Faculty, thousands of engineers graduated from it, and they have creatively used their knowledge in engineering work, as well as in research work in Poland and abroad. Scientific research conducted at the Faculty concentrates on the following fields: durability of materials and buildings structures, special concrete technologies, aspects of sustainable development in civil engineering, design and implementation of modern water- and chemically-proof insulations, energy audits and certificates, design, diagnostics and reinforcement of structures. The Faculty cooperates with many foreign universities, including the University of Michigan in the USA, Gedymin University of Technology in Vilnius, Moscow Academy of Civil Engineering and the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Dnieptropietrovsk, Liege University, Technical University (RWTH) in Aachen, Leuven Catholic University, Lubljana Research Institute (IRMA) and the Institute of Technology and Norms (NIST) in Gaithensburg.

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