The Institute of Electronic Systems
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Teaching and research in the Institute of Electronic Systems are embracing the following areas: analogue and pulse electronic circuits and systems, microprocessor systems, design of software systems for VLSI integrated circuits, microsystems, automatic measurement and test systems, smart semiconductor sensors, flow measurements, measurement and control systems for high energy physics experiments, adaptive measurement systems, optoelectronic functional components and sensors for communications, RF microwave monolithic integrated circuits design and testing, digital signal processing for radar systems, modeling of radar disturbances, adaptive signal detection and estimation, digital signal processing of biomedical signals, photoacoustics, bioinformatics, soft computing and fuzzy logic, cryptography and security of information systems, and computer forensics. Institute activities in these fields are hardware and software oriented and devoted to practical applications in medicine, radar, wireless communication systems, distributed environment monitoring systems, and high energy physics experiments.
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