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The Institute of Computer Science is one of the six Institutes within the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology. The main activities of the Institute include:
  • Scientific research in selected areas of computer science,
  • Academic teaching in computer science (undergraduate and graduate studies for regular daytime students as well as for evening studies),
  • Advanced learning and continued education programs,
  • Advanced R&D projects in co-operation with domestic and/or international partners.
The Institute's main research areas include computer graphics, computer systems' architectures, software engineering, artificial intelligence and information systems. These research and teaching areas have influenced the organisation of the Institute: its staff is subdivided into four Divisions. For more detailed characteristics of these units (their staff, organisation, research projects, resources etc.) please follow the links to appropriate pages. To each of divisions belongs a specialised laboratory unit for carrying out the research and also for students preparing their major projects and diploma theses. Besides these three specialised laboratories, the Institute runs a large Computing Laboratory (more then 100 PCs and workstations) where students do most of their practical work.

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