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The Faculty of Chemistry is one of the oldest faculties of Warsaw University of Technology. It was founded in 1898 as one of the three faculties of the Russian Polytechnic Institute. It was a continuation of the traditions of the Preparative School to the Polytechnic Institute operating during 1826-1830. According to independent opinions and ranks analyzing quality of education, scientific activity and cooperation with industry the Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology is one of the three best chemical faculties of Polish universities of Technologies. It has at its disposal highly-qualified scientific fields, from among which the following can be mentioned:

  1. chemical technology and catalysis,
  2. polymer technology and processing,
  3. technology of semi-conducting materials and materials of special properties (magnetic materials,
  4. high-temperature superconductors,
  5. synthetic metals, conducting polymers,
  6. applied and functional ceramics),
  7. technology of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics,
  8. analytical chemistry and material characterization,
  9. technology of explosives,
  10. biotechnology and microbioanalysis.

The Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology participates in many international didactic and scientific programs. The purpose of them is the improvement of the level of education and to adapt it to the curriculum valid in the European Union. Educational cooperation with European Universities within the ERASMUS MUNDUS program should be especially noted since it significantly enriched educational offer in English language lectures-available for Students at II grade level. At the Faculty of Chemistry intramural studies are conducted in two fields of studies: * Chemical Technology (Bachelor Master and PhD Degree courses), * Biotechnology (Bachelor Master and PhD Degree courses). Duration of 7 semester program for bachelor (engineer) for both fields covers basic units of mathematics; general, inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry.

For Chemical Technology the offer is broaden by chemical technology, material science, chemical engineering and design of technological processes and for Biotechnology by molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and genetic engineering. The above lists are enriched by elective lectures in selected fields of science and technology, in particular these being a subject of scientific activity of Faculty employees. The 3 semester Master Program covers defined scientific paths: Three for Chemical Technology (functional polymer, electroactive and explosive materials; analytics and physical chemistry of processes and materials, synthesis, catalysis and high temperature processes) and five for Biotechnology (chemical biotechnology – pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, microbioanalysis, industrial biotechnology, biotechnology in environments and applied biotechnology (in English). Present number of students reached 1300.The academic staff of the Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology consists of 126 members including 51 professors.

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